Calling all Corrie Fans

Granada Quay Street Studio extends its opening hours - yippee!
Granada Quay Street Studio extends its opening hours – yippee!

The Granada Quay Street Studio was originally scheduled  for demolition but last year the site was briefly opened to the public for the 1st time in 15 years and proved an immediate and huge hit with fans of ‘The Street’ everywhere.

View of the street ... but do you know what it was originally going to be called?
View of the street … but do you know what it was originally going to be called?

So, to celebrate the extension to the street studio’s opening hours through 2015 we thought we would test your knowledge of all things Corrie…

  1.  Three ladies sat ‘like Macbeth’s witches’ in the 1960’s snug bar of the Rovers, stirring trouble over milk stout. Martha Longhurst was one. Who were the others?

2. What was creator Tony Warren going to call the Street before it was renamed Coronation?

3. According to a 1982 poll this Corrie character was the fourth most instantly recognisable person in the UK, after the Queen, the Queen Mother and Princess Di.

dsc_00014. She’s played opposite Benny Hill, Tony Hancock and Victoria Wood, was a monster in Doctor Who and Wallace’s beloved Wendolene in A Close Shave, but veteran actress Anne Reid  was famously Valerie, nee Tatlock, the 1960’s first corrie wife of…whom?

5. Which character disappeared from the Street in 1968 and returned after a record 43 years?

6. Which newspaper in 1960 said “The programme is doomed from the outset…for there is little reality in this new serial, which apparently, we have to suffer twice a week”, and went on to predict that it would not last three weeks?

7. The 1981 marriage of Ken Barlow and Deidre Langton attracted more ITV viewers than which famous real-life wedding just 2 days later?

8. Which character’s wrongful imprisonment in 1998 was discussed in Parliament by Prime Minister Tony Blair?

9.Who described Liz McDonald in these words ‘Skirt no bigger than a belt, too much eyeliner, and roots as dark as her soul’?

10. Which legendary founding actress was described by Prime Minister James Callaghan as ‘the sexiest thing on TV’, was mother in law to Tony Blair and was memorably played in 2010 by Eastenders starJessie Wallace in the 50th anniversary BBC4 drama The Road to Coronation Street?

Do you know who runs Roy's Rolls?
Do you know who runs Roy’s Rolls?

Answers: 1. Ena Sharples and Mini Caldwell/ 2. Florizel Street / 3. Hilda Ogden/ 4. Ken Barlow / 5. Dennis Tanner/ 6. Daily Mirror/ 7. Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer/ 8. Deidre Rachid/ 9. Blanche Hunt / 10. Pat Phoenix (as Elsie Tanner)

Have we managed to get you all geared up for a chance to walk the original cobbled street from the Corner Shop to the Rosamund Street viaduct , stopping off for a quick one (photo, that is) at the Rovers Return on the way.

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Miss this? Would we’ eck as like!

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