10 things you didn’t know about…

Edin Early Eve

  1. It is said to be built on seven hills, like Rome.
  2. Bound by ancient city walls, its credited with inventing the skyscraper in the 17th century.
  3. David Hume, Adam Smith, James Hutton, James Boswell and Sir Walter Scott were 18th century residents, leading Tobias Smollett in The Expedition of Humphry Clinker to describe the city as a ‘hotbed of genius’.
  4. It hosts the largest annual international arts festival in the world.
  5. It has more listed buildings , relative to area, than any other UK city.
  6. The company behind the computer game Grand Theft Auto is based here.
  7. It has two volcanoes.
  8. It is twinned with Kathmandu.
  9. JK Rowling began writing her first Harry Potter book here, in a coffee shop.
  10. It’s the birthplace of Ronnie Corbett, Gail Porter, Finlay Quaye and Tony Blair.

Where are we…..

Princess Street Edinburgh

Welcome to Edinburgh!

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