'Pearl of the Adriatic'

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  • The arboretum of *secret destination* has two 500 hundred year old plane trees
  • Looking at these gorgeous images it’s easy to see why our *secret destinations* name is derived from the Slavic word for forest – any wordsmiths out there?

The arboretum

  • Did you know that the arboretum, and other nearby locations,of our *secret destination* have been used in the HBO series Game of Thrones… great clue if you are a fan of the games.
  • It has the alternative Latin name of ‘Ragusium’ or ‘Ragusa’ for short.
  • Some people may confuse it with Dubonnet


  • George Bernard Shaw called ————- ‘heaven on Earth’. It’s also known as the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’

'Pearl of the Adriatic'

  • A Russian admiral brought a fleet to attack this place but decided it was so beautiful he couldn’t bear to fire a shot, and he sailed away again.
  • The destination abolished the slave trade in 1418, and traded under a white flag bearing the word Libertas
  • There are more than 101 Dalmatians in ————-
  • The ———- chess set is said to be a timeless design classic. Bobby Fischer had an original set but it got pinched
  • The ———- cathedral reputedly contains true relics including one of Christ’s nappies

Can really see yourself explore these gorgeous, curiousstreets

Finally, Europe’s oldest working pharmacy is in a monastery at————

Just a bit of fun … post your answers, and you have visited this place let us know some more snippets of information…. what you loved and what you discovered!

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