Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day coming up soon , this is a time to think those special tender thoughts about that special someone…

Omega's London Weekend Breaks
Omega’s London Weekend Breaks

You might be thinking of booking one of our popular weekend London breaks, with perhaps a West End show followed by a candlelit dinner somewhere in Soho accompanied by a Mariachi quartet wearing crushed velvet and gripping roses in their teeth. And as the music dances and the lights sway and the bubbly intoxicates the moment, you lean close to your partner’s ear and whisper those three magic words…

Indulge a loved one this Valentines
Indulge a loved one this Valentines

Did you know?

That February 14th is the birthday of the man who invented the…

shutterstock_127482959Woa, stop, wait a minute, that won’t do at all.

Er, Jack Benny? Kevin Keegan?

No no no no no!

We need to think creatively. Let’s start with your partner’s interests. What would he or she like to do most?

Go forth and multi-buy!
Shopping perhaps..”Go forth and multi-buy, darling”

The thing to know about London is that it has a shop for everything. If your partner has any kind of interest that it’s possible to shop for, you might plan a tour of fascinating London shops that neither of you have ever heard of. Click here for a list of the ‘100 best shops’ in London.

Alright, that sounds like a lot of fun for one of you, while the other stands around checking their watch and looking forward to that pub lunch. But still, you don’t have to shop, nor do you have to do the usual tourist tramp round the galleries and museums or other public monuments.

You could, for example, watch a puppet show on a barge. You could take a walking tour of London where the guides are comedians and all their ‘fascinating facts’ are made up. You could bowl around on Boris Bikes for £3 a day, go on a loo-loo of a tour round London establishments formerly serving as public conveniences, or climb (yes really) up and over the 02 Dome at Greenwich to see the sunrise or sunset over the river.

Imagine sitting watching a gorgeous sunset overlooking the Thames
Imagine sitting watching a gorgeous sunset overlooking the Thames

Think that’s bizarre? see more quirky ideas here.

Ok, but still not romantic enough, right?

Ok, how about a trip up Europe’s tallest building to hold hands and gaze rapturously across the metropolis? We do a lovely rail break with a choice of central 4 star hotels in central London  which includes a ticket (£29.95 each if you buy them yourself) to the View from The Shard. Check out the Shard’s 2nd year anniversary video here:

The whole thing’s only from £149.95pp (base price, plus any rail supplement from your area) and you get an English breakfast. Or for the same rail deal, how about a Saturday night show in the West End? If you’re not in a tearing rush, we do a coach break with 3 course dinner, 4 star hotel and big choice of West End theatre matinees for £149.95 pp (flat rate). Or make it a theatre and dinner-dance for the same price.

If you partner is an Elvis fan, don’t miss the big Exhibition of Graceland memorabilia at the O2 (if you’re not too busy climbing over it). We’ve got all of these deals running on and around the 14th and it’s a Saturday too, so you’ve got no excuse for staying home and being boring!

Happy Valentines!




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