Meet Michael Bradshaw

Meet Michael…

Michael, our Finance Director.
Michael, our Finance Director.

A while back Michael was featured in the ‘7 Questions’ article for our local paper The Lancaster Guardian’, we thought that it was a shame for you to miss out on this simply because you may live out of the area so

Have a look at Michael’s 7 Questions below:

What was your first job?

“This was as a trainee accountant. I didn’t really know what to do with my life after university, but thought a career in finance would be a natural progression from a maths degree and a love of the subject”.

How to you relax?

“Getting to relax after a hard day is quite difficult with 2 young & energetic children. However, my one release is running. I really enjoy the time spent alone, and taking in the fresh air and countryside. This hobby has led to a number of competitive runs this year, including the London Marathon in April”.

Michael will also be running the London Marathon this year and our colleague Damian will be running the Paris marathon…. more about that in another post!

What is your proudest moment in business?

“This would be when I won the ‘Rising Star in Industry Award 2011’ from the North West Society of Chartered Accountants. This award recognized young qualified accountants working in industry who were having a positive impact on their organisation. The experience I have gained whilst working at Omega put me in a good position to meet the criteria for this award and ultimately win it!

What is your most embarrassing moment at work to date?

Mo most embarrassing moment in a work scenario came at our annual Christmas Party a few years ago. I was forced to ‘perform’ the well-known song (that only comes out at office parties), I’m too sexy, with the company’s Managing Director in front of the rest of the team. Whilst it was the worst moment of my life and involved losing my shirt, the absolute worst thing was that I hadn’t even had a drink as I was driving!”

What is your best quality?

“One of my best qualities is that I can be a bit of  perfectionist. It is something that I try to deliver in the workplace but also generally in life with anything I do”.

Who are your influences?

“There are a few big influences in my life. Obviously my close family – Rachel my wife who is very supportive and is a great mother to my children, my own mum and dad for sacrificing an awful lot to give me the best chance in life – and my boss, Nigel Adams, from whom I have learned so much from in the 9 ½ years I have worked at Omega”.

“My advice to anyone in business is that if you work hard enough you will reap the benefits. Nothing can substitute good honest hard work”.


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