Hooray – We Are Setting The Nerves Aside


Four and five paragraphs and away you go – first blog post complete and ready to be enjoyed!

Pretty simple… here at Omega-Holidays the idea of a blog was always exciting but, on the quiet , a wee bit daunting too.

So, just a few years late, and after discovering that a lot of staff are keen to blog about Omega-Holidays, we decided to jump in (big toe first).

Previously there was just too little time. Everyone was busy with their own jobs and often other people’s too… a blog would have just become neglected,waiting idly by for posts that never arrived. We would think of it fondly, but with a touch of sadness.

In an attempt to ‘throw (our) fond in the pond’ we have decided that if we did try a blog we may regret it and if we didn’t then we definitely would. It feels a bit dodgy, thinking about starting¬† a blog that is interesting and varied, so we are taking the ‘pick & mix’ approach: What’s going on ‘Inside Omega’, reviews, and tales of trips that are currently buttering our muffin.

We are finally finding the time to involve you in what we are currently involved in. The plan is to keep the blog fun, informative and, often, surprising. We want it to be an always-pleased-to-see-it, always-love-to-read-it and visit-it-often kind of a blog.

We would love to know if you think it fulfills it’s ambitions?

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