An American in Paris is an Explosion of Technicolour and Life.

An American in Paris, is the magical makeover of the 1951 Hollywood movie starring Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron. Rave reviews have said it is an award-winning musical, a contemplative fantasy, not to be missed.

The sophisticated stage update, tells the story of a demobbed American soldier, Jerry Mulligan, as he decides to stay on in Paris, after the war, to nurture his passion as a painter.

He then be-friends an aspiring composer Adam and would-be singer Henri, from a wealthy Parisian family.

All three men are connected to, and in love with a young ballerina, Lise, but she, it turns out, is already spoken for with Henri, whose family protected her from the Nazis.

An Omega team member went to see the show in the West End last week, and says the story is romantic, compelling and a radical improvement from the movie.

She adds,

“It was the look and feel of the show that stood out for me. The performance is never still, dance emerges out of daily life in umbrella-twirling numbers. The show juxtaposes the artiness of 40s classical ballet, with collective jiving. An American in Paris is a carnival, an all-singing, all-dancing explosion of technicolour and life. It should not be missed!”

The West End Musical is said to offer a graphic vision of Paris, and is full of great songs, fluent acting, and special qualities such as key moments in the story carried by the power of the dance and vision.

Christopher Wheeldon director and choreographer, and Bob Crowley  have created a musical that not only offers a compelling story, but also an eclectic range of Gershwin songs and riot of powerful imagery.

“It is sheer musical theatre magic.” says, The Guardian, 2017

If you are intrigued by the marvel of this show, visit today, for further information, then call 01524 771000 to book – Quote FB upon booking.



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