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The Book of Mormon – A Review

Gaily swinging its 9 Tony Awards around its neck The Book of Mormon has gone, rather brazenly forth, spreading its message to sell out audiences in London’s West End. I, for one, was excited to finally get to see if it delivered… and deliver it most definitely did.

From its buoyant and clever opening “Hello!” right through to its pop-influenced finale “Tomorrow is a Latter Day” it is a blast, just a dreadfully good musical delight. If you have read the reviews you will know it is not your standard musical fare; the ferocity of opinion which divided both customers and critics alike was perhaps anticipated given its co -creators credentials. Trey Parker and Matt Stone cut their satirical teeth on South Park and Robert Lopez with West End success Avenue Q so, in many ways the precedent was set for knowingly troublesome and outlandish comedy. This shouldn’t distract from the fact that the production has guts and flair and really commands a versatile cast.  ??????????????

It is a joyous thing. It has taken, cheekily tinkered with, many great, recognisable show numbers and turned them into poptastically good pastiches fit for purpose. The effect is such that you find yourself feeling like you have known the songs from the show forever, is it sneaky? perhaps, successful and tributary, almost certainly.

This nod to what has gone before makes the show’s departure from it all the more breathtaking.

It’s not high brow or sophisticated and definitely not for those with a delicate sense of humor and do I think it is “the greatest musical of the century?” No I don’t, but I do think the hullabaloo is justified. It is belly-achingly good fun. I think a friend of mine says it best: “The Book Of Mormon…I saw it in April and haven’t stopped laughing since”.

Elder Price and the General
Elder Price and the General


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