Landmarks That…

Make Us Take Another Look At The World and marvel at quite how inspiring it really is.

In a recent poll The Express set out to discover the top 30 Landmarks that were on Briton’s bucket lists..

What landmarks would you love to see?
What landmarks would you love to see?

The city famous for romance and known as

city of love

La Ville Lumiere is home to the landmark that steals the top spot …can you guess it?

Wonder how many proposals have taken place under here?
The Eiffel Tower – wonder how many proposals have taken place under here.

of course you can – The gorgeous Eiffel Tower.

There are plenty of the usual suspects making an appearance: The Great Wall of China, The Pyramids of Giza and The Statue of Liberty to name just a few, but several surprises have sneaked in too… and we are very glad they have.

However it appears that the drizzly weather does not dampen people’s spirits too much when looking for sights that inspire and those closer to home hold the same allure as their European/worldwide contemporaries as 3 of the top 5 landmarks are in the UK.

Can you guess what they may be?

York Minster?
York Minster?

Recently being named the safest city in the world the gorgeous historic walled City of York is often a top destination and with it’s charming cobbled streets, rich history and, of the course, the epic York Minster it’s really easy to see why.

However, perhaps surprisingly, this landmark does not clinch a place in the top three but

Houses of ParliamentBig Ben and The Houses of Parliament do.  As does the looming beauty that is Edinburgh Castle.

The majestic Edinburgh castle
The majestic Edinburgh castle

Stonehenge also features and is not a surprising edition. The visitor centre contains nearly 300 local archaeological finds and offers a best guess as to why the monument was built, what the people were like, and how they moved the stones. So if you, like many others, have this landmark on your wish list you can now go to Stonehenge with Omega and also visit Oxford and Royal Windsor.

If you now want to discover what other landmarks made the cut then you can read the whole article from The Express here.

We may be able to help you whittle down your wish list with the destinations below.

London and Paris

Edinburgh Tattoo with Omega

Which landmarks would feature in your top 10?