The Clink Prison Museum – ‘Quirky Finds’ London Series

The Clink Prison Museum is built upon the original site of The Clink Prison, which dating back to 1144 was one of England’s oldest and most notorious prisons. Here we chat to the museum about it’s history and future projects.

Was it always your intention that the experience would be ‘hands on?’The intention was to create atmosphere alongside our hands on torture devices, it is important that visitors can handle the items.

Would you say that the museum was welcoming to young families and children? Our museum is targeted for all age groups, it is history alongside fun.

Can you, in no more than five words, describe why we should explore “the prison that gave its name to all others”. Real history, educational and fun.

In your opinion, what is the ‘stand out’ feature of the Clink Prison Museum? It is on the original site and visitors feel like they are standing in an actual prison.

Let us in on a secret- what is your favorite ‘former prisoner’ story and why? Ellen Butler-she was a maid, her employer sold her to a tavern owner who asked her to do such work that morally she could not and her new employer sent her to The Clink.

Reading about The Clink Museum, it was described as “entertainment for children in the vein of ‘horrible histories’, would you say this was an accurate description? Yes, and we include a rodent hunt with a prize at the end to occupy younger children.

You have run ‘Summer School Holiday Tours’ (The Medi-Evil Times: Black Death and Bloody Rebellion) (Tortured Tudors: Meet the Infamous Torturer). Do you have any plans to run more of these in the near future? We generally try to do something every season.

Have the staff witnessed any of the paranormal activity that is described?  Yes, certain members of staff and members of the public do often report strange things going on! We have paranormal events throughout the year.

If you could invite five people five people from the museum’s history for dinner who would you choose? The Bishop of Winchester, The Jailer, A Prisoner and Shakespeare

What would your last supper be? Fine English Fayre.

Describe your love for The Clink Prison Museum in a succinct sentence… Real history coming to life.

Have you experienced ” real history coming to life’ at The Clink? – do let us know your thoughts, we would love to hear them.